Seeking Truth & Justice at Kent State
The Day that Changed America

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The Kent State Truth Tribunal held its first sessions at the 40th anniversary of the Kent State shootings in early May 2010 in downtown Kent, Ohio.

Close to 100 personal narratives of original 1970 Kent State witnesses and participants were broadcast live on and are now available for all to watch through the first live archive ever assembled for a truth-seeking initiative.

Michael Moore continues to support the KSTT and will livecast the Kent State Truth Tribunal in New York City here.


The Kent State Tribunal is spearheaded by Laurel Krause, whose sister Allison was gunned down at the protest. She and her mother Doris invite all original participants and witnesses to share their truth, including members of the Ohio National Guard.


New York City October 9 & 10, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
over the weekend


Mile End Films Inc.
19 W. 21st Street, Suite 901
New York, NY 10010


      Participants share their stories before a camera and interviewer. Accounts are given with the understanding that they will be broadcast and shared in order to establish a record of the days leading up to and following May 4, 1970.

      Anonymous testimonies are treated with the highest regard for privacy and security. Those wishing to participate anonymously are given an opportunity to do so both before and during the tribunal.

      For those with privacy and anonymity concerns, the Kent State Truth Tribunal offers a protected space where appropriate security measures will be enforced. We wholeheartedly seek only truth, healing and harmony.


The Kent State Truth Tribunal is recording, broadcasting, preserving and honoring the personal narratives of those present and affected by the 1970 Kent State shootings. We will livecast the proceedings on and create a permanent archive as an historical record, both online and at the New York University Tamiment Library.

The Kent State Truth Tribunal testimonial livecasts have been archived and are viewable on-demand here